Monday, September 16, 2019

Robert Stacy McCain Asks: What is the Kavanaugh smear about? 🤔

Are you wondering why Brett Kavanaugh again? I am not wishing anything bad for Ruth Bader Ginsburg--but Democrats might know more about her condition than we do. Democrats are certainly not waiting to go on the offensive--so they are opening up on Kavanaugh (again) with their media allies based on pure lies. Nothing personal Justice Kavanaugh, it is strictly business. 

Republicans really need to get it together for this upcoming fight. And thank you to Mollie Hemingway for exposing this smear for what it was--a flat out lie. That was true during the confirmation and true now. 

The Federalist: Alleged victim of Kavanaugh  has zero recollection of this alleged eventChristine Blasey Ford's friend doesn't believe her, and Christine Blasey Ford's father supported Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation

Instapundit: Kavanaugh breaks DemsJohn Roberts is culpable for Kavanaugh attacksImpeaching the NYT'Victim' has no memoryThe Left's persecution fetish#Journalism, and The Importance of Punching Back

EBL: Christine Blasey Ford's Father Ralph Blasey II supported Brett Kavanaugh getting on the Supreme Court? 👨‍⚖️

Legal Insurrection: It's never over, is it? and Democrats call for Kavanaugh Impeachment after flimsy media smear

AoSHQ: Clinton WhispererBlasey-Ford's GF: No ConfidenceNYT smears, and Morning Report 09.16.19

Rush Limbaugh: Wake Up: The NYT did not make a mistake, it smeared Kavanaugh on purpose

Babylon Bee: NYT reveals its source on the Kavanaugh story was a reputable Nigerian prince

American Greatness: Latest Kavanaugh Accuser Is Democrat, Clinton Lawyer, Trump Critic
Powerline: Gut Check and Crimes of the Times: Kavanaugh Edition

Hot Air: Blasey Ford's friend has no confidence in her story

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