Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Goodbye John Bolton...Update: Did Bolton Leak?

Ace has a good point, these sort of  tweeting pissing matches that Trump gets into with his own people are stupid. I do not see any benefit in this.

I like John Bolton. But that does not mean I think every position John Bolton takes is a good one. I felt the same way about Jim Mattis. You can have disagreements with your advisors that stay priviate and do not spill out in the media. Part of this blame goes to Trump advisors, but a lot of it goes to Donald Trump. YMWV depending on the Trump advisor.

I do support getting out of Syria and Afghanistan. I also recognize getting out like Barack Obama did in Iraq is a mistake.

Ace raises a bigger point: President Trump has been played by the GOP Establishment from day one. Leaking was endemic (in part due to plants by the GOPe). While in some ways the GOP has worked with Trump effectively (such as judical appointments), it has twarted him on immigration and the border from the get. The lack of loyalty is astounding. The nonsense that happened with Rod Rosenstein and Jim Comey was nothing short of a coup attempt.

UPDATE: AoSHQ: If this is true, Bolton deserved the boot! I understand disagreeing with the Preisdent, but that does not justifying leaking (especially anonimously). I guess we will find out soon.

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