Saturday, August 24, 2019

David Koch, RIP

David Koch dead at 79

I never understood the Democrats and left's almost universal vitriol against the Koch brothers. David Koch is opposed to Trump (you'd think the left would celebrate and try to co-op that). More correctly the Koch brothers should be called libertarians than conservatives. David Koch also generously supported the arts and medical research. 

Beyond his expansive philanthropic and medical donations, David Koch supported limited government and free market capitalism. If the left lashes out so harshly against Koch, what do they think of the rest of us? Rest assured it is not good. 

It also shows that the Koch brothers have been effective in resisting where Democrats are going. The libertarian position of promoting economic and social freedom is an existential threat to the socialist trend of the Democrat Party. The leftist media and Democrats also want to discourage any other billionaires following the Koch path. 

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