Saturday, July 6, 2019

Another Day, Another Asshat: Eli J. Massey and TJ Helmstetter

You know who acts like Eli J. Massey? Mendacious Douchebags act like Eli J. Massey.  

Although he seems pussy enough to lie about this event too. 

I see politicians and celebrities occasionally in close proximity that I do not care for at all. I would never swear at them like this. What exactly, if it even happened, did it accomplish? This just shows what an ill-mannered dick you are.  

Then there is this fat charmer who got cut off from his favorite BBQ place, for acting like a dick.

Then he whined when the guys wife berated him and poked him in his moobs.

TOM: Which Gringos Are to Blame for the Ongoing Disaster in Central America?

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