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Friday, May 31, 2019

Maite Perroni

With the proposed Mexican tariffs to curtail illegal immigration, here's telenovelas star Maite Perroni

Lem's Place/Chip Ahoy: A Day on Planet Trump

A View From The Beach: Gone Fishin' RussiaGate

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Goodstuff's: Space Act

Woodsterman: Feel the Bern

American Power: Haley Kalil

Proof Positive: Best of the Web

Right Way: Rule 5 Link-O-Rama

Animal Magnetism: Saturday Gingermageddon

Political Clown Parade: Flowing Curves of Beauty

Diogenes Middle Finger News: A Good Monday Morning

A View From The Beach: A Reason Why Trump Was Elected

The Pirates Cove: If All You See and Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: Hot Pick, Girls With Guns, Morning Mistress and Blogs With Rule 5 Links

TOM: In The Mailbox: 05.31.19How Much Do I Love Bill Barr?Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok Didn’t Tell Trump Campaign About Investigation, Crazy People Are Dangerous, In The Mailbox: 05.30.19, The Red Pill and ‘Opposite George’, Bill De Blasio or a Ham Sandwich?, In The Mailbox: 05.29.19, Marianne Williamson Hits Key Polling Threshold in Qualifying for DNC Debates, Good-Bye, Bob, Which Lunatics Are Running the Asylum?, Typical Democrat Voter Update, History and the High Price of Forgetting, Bart Starr, R.I.P., The MuellerGate Cover-Up Is Unraveling, Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge, Condé Nast Is Decadent and Depraved

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5 and Mexican telenovelas:

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