Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hey, did someone make abortion illegal again?

I am not a fan of abortion, With a few limited exceptions, it is killing a person mostly for convinance. Some may disagree with me.  

I am also almost 100% certain that the Supreme Court is NOT going to reverse Roe v. Wade  anytime soon (even though Roe is a terrible legal decision that never should have happened because abortion is neither barred or authorized by the U.S. Constitition). If you are pro life, John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh will absolutely disappoint if this matter goes to them (which is a good chance with the new Alabama law--although it might get resolves at the Court of Appeals)*. 

Yes, the Constitution protects life under the 5th amendment, but at the time it was written that did not include the unborn. That is why Justice Scalia (who was opposed to abortion personally) said this was matter to be resolved at the legislative level. I get that is what Alabama and Georgia are trying to do, but it still has to be upheld by the courts.  

Even in the unlikely event of Roe being overturned, we are also not going to go to a Handmaid's Tale (despite the hysterial of the left trying to turn the dial to 11). If a handful of states even managed to bar abortion, the rest would allow it. You have a handful of states on the other end of the spectrum, making abortion on demand legal until the second the baby is born. Maybe a few women would choose not to go forward due to logicial challenges of abortion restrictions in a few states, but abortion would continue to happen throughout the vast majority of the United States.  

From a political view point, I am not sure who benefits more from this current culture war. It is too soon to tell. I do know it is mostly political theater at this point. 

The only way to really make abortion go away (or greatly reduce it) is to change people's hearts and minds on the topic. Pro lifers are far more effective making the moral argument against and helping women contemplating abortion have options (such as private pregnancy aid). Praying, bearing witness, and showing compassion to those considering abortion works.

I know this that the courts will not solve it, nor will legisatures. They will only muddy the waters. 

* The more I think about this, the more likely the law gets quashed at the Court of Appeals. It is too broad for the current status of the law and Court of Appeal judges are bound to follow prior precedent. If so, would SCOTUS take it up after that? Only if they are eager to take up an abortion case (which I suspect John Roberts is not eager to do--still it only takes four justices for a case to get Supreme Court Review).   

TOM: In The Mailbox 05.15.19: Twitchy: Alyssa Milano Wants Media Covering Abortion Debate TO Use This Term Instead Of Heartbeat

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