Saturday, May 4, 2019

Free James Woods: Twitter better be careful or it might get what it wishes for...

Twitter is hot to ban conservatives, but what if conservatives abandoned Twitter?

James Woods did nothing other than say things Twitter does not like.  

Instapundit: Twitter and Facebook are rather selective in who they ban. I think Glenn Reynolds was correct in just abandoning Twitter altogether.

TOM: Public beheadings in Saudi Arabia (the left is jealous, they want to do this)

Powerline: Not just another Twitter mistake

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  1. The deep state let the genie out of the bottle while sleeping at the switch when the internet came down the pike. Free speech reigned and all their institutionalized propaganda became exposed. It's become easy to spot the bad actors now. Just look at the organizations engaged in censorship. They just don't get it. Their viewership is drying up. $10 million a year for Leni Riefenstahl want to bees like Rachel Maddow? Give it up.


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