Sunday, March 17, 2019

Why The Media Silence: Nigerian Muslims Murder Over 100 Christians

Don't Christian Lives Matter? Why does the media ignore this? 

Instapundit: Breitbart and Media Bias: Isn't This Newsworthy?
The ghastly massacre in Christchurch this week is certainly newsworthy and richly deserving of the universal condemnation it is getting. But let’s also spare a thought for the massacre of over a hundred Christians at the hands of Muslim militants in Nigeria these past few weeks. So far it has been ignored in the MSM.
What happened in Christchurch is a horror and should be condemned and reported on. But the crimes and genocide going on in Nigeria by Muslim Falani militants and Boko Haram are just as bad (and in scope actually a far bigger problem than what occurred in New Zealand). 

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    1. To ask the question...

      Truth is the media could care less about Nigerians, especially Nigerian Christians. The media just wants to forward its own message. Stories only get coverage if they support that underlying message.


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