Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Felicity Huffman

I am guessing this was not a particularly good week for Felicity Huffman or her husband William Macy. She was arrested today for mail fraud as part of a conspiracy/bribery investigation to get her kids into college by manipulating the SAT process. Definitely not good. It is not yet clear why Macy was not charged.

While I like some of their work as actors, their parenting style is not one I would endorse. Felicity Huffman thought it was ok the bend the rules by using their cash to buy their kids places they would not have qualified for otherwise. Welcome to Hollywood.

I am almost sympathetic...until I think of the hypocrisy of Hollywood politics. This is not a victimless crime: For their kids to jump the line means that two other kids did not get accepted to those schools.

The FBI sound like they played this up to the cameras. The FBI is corrupt as government agencies come. Oh well, then again the FBI also mugged for the cameras in arresting Roger Stone too (I bet Huffman and Macy cheered that on). While I am not cheering it on, this is what you get when you encourage government to go heavy handed.

Of course, there is a perfectly legal way to buy undue influence in higher education. Just make a big open donation to a school (take the tax write off) and get your underachieving kids in that way. At least you can make the argument that money helps fund other kids who can't afford it (in reality it just helps fund college administrators who benefit from these donations).

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  1. Better to crop the pics than squeeze them.

    Miss Felicity, who is doubtless quite unfelicitous these days, is a good-looking lady, but you'd never know it.

    1. Blogger was acting up last night and it was not loading. I had to drag and click (hence the distortion). But given the story, it sort of worked.

  2. I'm retired now, but many moons ago my department loaned me to the US Marshals for a few years and I got a close up look at federal law enforcement.

    Three things struck me: the FBI's budget is larger than all other federal law agencies combined.
    The FBI has the best bullshit machine in Washington. No matter who made the arrest of a famous subject, it was dudes in FBI raid vests that were on TV perp walking the subject. Those of us covered in mud and twigs from bashing the bundu looking for the guy for 12 hours were nowhere to be seen.
    And so, thirdly, all the other agencies hated the FBI.


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