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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Felony Indictment for Jussie Smollett

Sorry Jussie, you are not the victim here, this is a self inflicted wound...

I know you are legally presumed innocent. You may, with expensive lawyers and Chicago prosecutors not particularly wanting to go after you, end up beating these charges. But your bogus claims of persecution were found to be lies.  

I am less upset with you than I am with the media and your fellow celebrities that ran with these lies. In a way they did a disservice to you, since you might have not done something so foolhardy if you knew they would not back it. In the end, however, they are abandoning you. They are cowards. So even if you manage to avoid criminal sanctions, you end up facing the heat for all of this.  

Of course, you did do some of your fellow travelers a favor. You took the heat off White Virginia Democrats who have a penchant for black face and abusing women. They owe you one for that.  


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