Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Faron Young: Hello Walls

There are lots more songs about tearing down walls than putting them up. I get that, walls falling are a powerful metaphor. But then again sometimes walls work.

TOM: Schumer and Pelosi own the shutdown and Step back and consider

A wall of sorts...

Regie's Blog: Walls

Roger Simon: Bye Bye

Mark Steyn: The Real Crisis

EBL: The Walls and Mending Walls

Center for Immigration Studies: A Lost Opportunity?

90 Miles From Tyranny: Real Life With Jimmy Acosta

Powerline: Trump's Powerful Address and Trump Kills It

Don Surber: Cher nails the shut downSecret of Trump's Success

Lem's Place: The Crisis At The Border and Kellyanne and Jimmy A

Legal Insurrection: Schumer Pelosi Memes and Trump makes case to nation

AoSHQ: Morning Report 01.10.19Morning Report 01.09.19, and Trump's First Prime Time Address

Instapundit: Prizzi's Honor, Seeds of ChuckyRoger Kimball: Trump and the wallKellyanne slams Acosta, Triangulate, and AOC: Lying or Lied To?

Rush Limbaugh: Democrat Morticians Respond To TrumpFlashback: Schumer, Obama, and Hillary advocating for a wall, Fact checking the ridiculous fact checkers

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