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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Amber Rose Revah

Some don't like The Punisher. I like it a lot. It is about a wronged veteran who seeks some justice, along with some vengeance. It is based off the Marvel Comic.  Jon Bernthal plays the main character, but Amber Rose Revah is strong as a Homeland Security agent.

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  1. The first photo fooled me; I thought she might be an actress from the late 50s. Great portrait of a lovely women.
    I admit to selfishness when watching movies and it is my loss. I took to noticing the agenda items and hammer-blow emotional string pulling and after a while I just stopped watching. TV did that for me first and I thought movies would be a refuge. No. And I stupidly thought the same thing about fiction. No.
    So it takes a fine filter to discover nice work, a well-told tale, a compelling story. I must immediately seek the good in the garbage and find some recent works that are worth the effort. "The Punisher" might be a good start and I don't have to have the "theater experience" since NFlix. One worry, though, is the newly minted archetype of "Kick Ass Girl" that now often accompanies "The Noble Savage" and entwines a multi-race love story. Tell me this one doesn't.

    1. She does have a classic look to her.

      As far as her character, she is not trying to be the girl "Punisher." She is an agent with Homeland Security. The point being it is plausible.

      The Punisher is also not a superhero, just a very pissed off Marine. Ok, that is sort of like a superhero, but you know what I mean.


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