Saturday, December 1, 2018

Why do Establishment Republicans let Democrats slander and malign them, then pretend years later they are all good friends?

With the passing of George H.W. Bush, a question arises: Democrats malign and slander Republicans while they are running against them, then pretend what good friends they are after elections are over.  And those Establishment Republicans take it. Yet there are those GOPe Republicans who won't forgive Donald Trump for mocking Jeb! during the GOP primaries. Come on, even the Bushes knew Jeb! was low energy.  

John McCain was treated as an incompetent fool by the Democrats in the 2000 election.  Yet Democrats were falling over themselves to laud him after he died (especially since he was sticking it to Trump right to the end). Showing again, the only really good Republican to Democrats, is a dead Republican.  

When Mitt Romney faced Barack Obama back in 2004, he was constantly slandered by the left. The Democrats savaged poor Mitt (and those of us to tried to help Mitt at the time, wished he would have fought back). He almost did that in that one debate with Obama, then he played it safe (going on to a sad defeat). Yet Mitt is now all ready to roll over for the Democrats now and stick it to Donald Trump every chance he gets.  

Why is that? 

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush will be universally praised in the wake of his death because it is always the policy of liberals to celebrate the dead Republicans they formerly defamed, as a means to impugn the living Republicans they currently defame. Those of us old enough to remember how liberals hated Bush when he was president (and before that, as vice-president under Ronald Reagan) will not be deceived by their panegyrics to his “civility” and “bipartisanship.”


  1. Supposedly, you don't get too angry because you might need their support for a bill.

    In truth, I think they're afraid they won't get invited to the cool parties or, more importantly, won't get any crumbs off the table.

    The Bushes, being old line aristocracy, think it's vulgar to do unto others as they have done unto them.

    I like the Trump way. No prisoners, no mercy.

  2. Conservatism is a movement of cowards led by crooks. The Republican Party is basically a business lobby masquerading as a political party. Their sole real concern is to service the rich, which they accomplish in part by being obsequious to the culturally dominant left. A salesman has to smile and nod no matter how obnoxious his potential customer is. The Republicans are only interested in the sale, and look upon their unwashed supporters as obstacles to that sale.

    This class-based bigotry was bad enough but increasingly Conservatism Inc. and the Republican leadership are adopting the flat out racist hatred, genocidal hatred, the left has for the Republican's white-majority constituency. They're increasingly internalizing the left's view that white's are born evil, are irredeemable, and deserve the destruction being meted out to them. Thus, for example, Jeb's brag that he was going to win the nomination without those smelly old conservative white votes. If you accept your constituents as extermination-worthy untouchables it's not surprising that you accept calumny for representing them. The bottom line here is that between the triangle of the rich, the liberal cultural establishment, and their overwhelmingly white constituents it's the constituents that are going to be thrown under the bus, virtually every time. Piss off the left and you have less chance to be elected and have to run the gamut of abuse that now include's possible physical assault. Piss off the rich and it's back to being a small town shyster. Piss off your voters without excessively pissing off the rich and the left and you get to become a millionaire lobbyist.


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