Saturday, December 15, 2018

ObamaCare Challenge: Don't get your hopes up...


Don't tease us Matt Drudge! Given how Roberts and Kavanaugh were on the recent Planned Parenthood case, I am highly skeptical. Even if Kavanaugh grows a set, Roberts will be Roberts.  

Yes, the President is stirring the pot (see below). I doubt Congress will do anything, but be careful what you wish for. You think Roberts is bad, just let the GOPe and Democrats in Congress get a crack at this.   

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  1. A lot of people are mad at Brother Bret because he ruled on the law, rather than ideology, as Clarence Thomas did, so the angst may be misplaced. As for Roberts, since it's no longer a tax, he can shoot it down or look like a jerk.

    I'd hold my fire all around on this one. And there's the prospect RBG will retire soon, given her latest "accident", so we'd probably get Amy Coney Brennan as the replacement.


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