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Thursday, December 6, 2018

NASA wants an all female crew to Mars to prevent sex happening during the trip?

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Ok, I get that sexual relationships between the crew on a multi-year extra-terrestrial mission might add complications. What makes NASA think a single sex crew would eliminate that issue arising?  What makes NASA think an all female space crew might not end up being a mini version of the LPGA, women's softball, or women's soccer?  Will NASA screen against that (how do you think that will fly with certain SJWs)?

NASA has to consider issues of crew compatibility, potential psychological complications, and "what ifs" of long term relationships in a confined space--but that is true regardless of gender selection. You don't think there is crazy drama in same sex relationships?  

I want to see a Mars mission happen in my life time. How about focusing on how to get people up there.

What happens on Mars stays on Mars!

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  1. I want to see a Mars mission happen in my life time. How about focusing on how to get people up there.

    Having worked there, I can tell you this is NASA's primary problem. They are entirely unfocused on actually trying to go to space. They'll pretend otherwise by saying it is their mission. But if it is their mission, why are they even discussing sex in space. Pregnancy is very easy to prevent. Further, knowing how space affects a pregnancy and newborn ought to be something we want to learn.

  2. Maybe it's because they know Mars Needs Women? ;)


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