Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Michael Flynn's Guilty Sentence Accepted By Judge

I understand why Flynn is doing it. It still should have never happened.  

The sentencing is put off so Flynn can further twist in the wind.

Legal Insurrection: Live Thread on Flynn Sentencing  

Mance did not bend the knee...

Update: Ken "Popehat" White explains why Flynn and his attorney's screwed this up. White, a NeverTruper, takes a certain Schadenfreude in pointing this out. White is right this is how plea bargains work, although it is also Stannis-like in requiring Flynn to "bend the knee" (to use a Game of Thrones analogy). The swamp gods want their sacrifice. Truth is how Flynn was set up was improper, partisan, and brazenly political and one sided--but so what? Welcome to the Swamp. Now Flynn has to grovel for three months and hope he does not end up like Mance Rayder.  

TOM: In the Mailbox 12.17.18: Power Line: Will The Mueller Switch Project Collapse? also, A No-Nonsense Judge Looks At The Flynn Prosecution

Mark Steyn: Consulting & Colluding

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