Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Is The Weekly Standard Doomed?

Ace thinks the Grift Ship may stay afloat

Top Headlines (from the AoSHQ side bar): 

Julie Kelly mentioned Mona Charen being an "adviser" to yet another Pierre Omidyar NeverTrump project. I assume she has his phone number, so I guess she's blegging someone else?
It's not official without a Kira Media cartoon
Look at skinny-jean wearing sissy Oliver Darcy having xiself a little snit about having been misinformed about "all" the staff being told. Have a drink, Susan.
Hmmm... A friend points out that last night, leftwingers Jonathan Alter and Ryan Lizza praised the left-leaning Weekly Standard and Steven Hayes particularly. Why? What did they know? Why the pre-eulogy? Why the funeral for the friend, before the body was pronounced dead?
Did Hayes give left-wingers a heads up before his staff, to get out positive press for himself and grease the skids for his dream job at The Atlantic?
But a third-rate swabbie is lie-leaking to his good friend at CNN to smear the Washington Examiner. I wonder who. And I wonder who'd burn bridges with another media employer like that. Unless he already had a guarantee of work outside of the media. Heck, maybe this person was already receiving money for doing contract political ops on the side, maybe trying to smear conservatives, including people at the Washington Examiner.


  1. I wish I could care. I probably would normally. It is just... they haven't seemed to care at all for those of us who didn't support Trump initially yet realized Trump was infinitely better than Clinton. That Trump has turned into be a far better conservative than I could have imagine, and they have turned into statists; has just made the chasm too far to span. Ahoy! Happy Holidays.

  2. The entrenched Establishment is a separate political party, as Rush has noted, and it is fighting against reform from any source.
    Screw the establishment party.


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