Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Is the FBI joining forces with the SPLC and Antifa against the Proud Boys?

Why the attacks on the Proud Boys? Yes, they mix things up with Antifa. But even NBC acknowledges that recent altercations in NYC are probably not hate crimes. Antifa is mostly made up of white (leaving the hair out of it) leftist Communist scum (Communism is sadly a movement that started in the west). Proud Boys are self described Western Civilization chauvinists.

Twitter and other social media shuts the Proud Boys down. Antifa, on the other hand, gets a pass. Now the FBI is allegedly after the Proud Boys?  Which FBI office, which individual agents? It is all anonymous or hearsay sourcing without a lot of detail. Do you think the Trump support might be influencing some in the FBI? 

TOM: E-mail to a liberal professorPortland Antifa Mob RiotsIllegal Alien Who Shot at Cop Was DACA, Allowed to Stay by Obama Policy, Ohio Democrat Stabbed Ex-Wife to Death in Front of Their Children, Police Say, News CNN Will Ignore, and Democrat Election Official Resigns. There are apparently different rules, depending on which ideological position you follow.

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  1. They are merely doing what the tribe wants them to do. Same as they have always done. What else would one expect from the Deep State?

    And in the meantime dear ol' Trey "Full of Lies" Gowdy continues to spew his bullshiite about how there are only a few "rogue" agents and prosecutors in the FBI and the DoJ, and that the overwhelming majority are "good cops".

    My sincere wish for Thanksgiving is that every FBI employee and every DoJ employee - and their families - burn in hell where they belong. Oh Lord, hear my prayer!


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