Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hey Arizona: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema thinks you are all crazy...

AoSHQ: Krysten Sinema thinks Arizonans are crazy (go to 4:00 above to jump right into crazy)

Instapundit: The Choice is Clear: Support Martha McSally

If you are an Arizona Republican, get out and vote for Martha McSally. Because Democrat Krysten Sinema will be absolutely horrible as a Senator.  Support Martha McSally for U.S. Senate (even if you don't live in Arizona, you can donate to her).  
Instapundit: Sinema shooting down McSally in political cartoon?PJ Media11 freakiest things about Arizona Senate Democrat Candidate Krysten SinemaDemocrat Senate Candidate Bashing Arizonans and RedState: Defending Terrorists

AoSHQ: Krysten Sinema summons witchesSupports Taliban supporter and illegal aliens, thinks Arizonans are crazy and Democrat loves dissing Arizona!

Legal Insurrection: Make Believe Latina and Democrat Krysten Sinema On Tape Bashing Arizonans

Powerline: Sinema/Ellison 2020Quoatations from Krysten and Crazy Days

Twitchy:  Democrats better hope this does not go viral...

Don Surber: Democrat Candidate in AZ implodes

Hot Air: Krysten Simena on the political fringe

TOM: Coming Out As Crazy

1 comment:

  1. If she believes that Arizona is crazy, she has not seen anything yet.
    Come on over to mexafornia, for crazy.
    They don't call mexafornia the fruit and nut state for nothing!
    And you know I am NOT talking about the agriculture.


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