Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Twitter recognizes that threatening children with death violates its policy...

No bias or double standard at all at Twitter 😬...they hate Dana Loesch so much it only took them a couple of days to pull their collective heads out of where they were stuck.  Hard to believe that threatening to murder children to express disagreement would be ok under any circumstances, but that is where Twitter operates from.  

And all this Twitter hysteria and hypocrisy stemmed from that shooting in Jacksonville. A crazy person was permitted (in very strict gun control Maryland) to purchase a firearm and he went on to shoot fellow gamers at an event in Florida because they beat him playing Madden Football. We can discuss why this happened, but maybe the gun free zone and lack of security at the gaming event or the failure of Maryland to block this purchase was a bigger factor than Dana Loesch defending the Second Amendment.

What people refuse to accept is the insane and criminals don't care about gun laws. They will violate them.  Since banning all firearms is not going to be acceptable to a large portion of the public (and violates the 2nd Amendment)--maybe you should consider things that make people truly safer. Hint: Threatening Dana Loesch's kids with murder does not do that.

TOM: David Katz: crazy people are dangerous and In The Mailbox 08.28.18

Pacific Pundit: David Katz shooting up the Madden Gaming Tournament: Another failed gun free zone

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  1. Twitter had to think about it first. These twitter folks are nothing but terrorists. I hope they die in a fire.


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