Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Republican Troy Balderson Holds Ohio...

Hot Air: Recount coming in OH-12?

Powerline: GOP win in OH-12 [Updated]

Daily Mail: Green Party space alien spoiler?

Politico: Kris Kolbach slightly ahead in Kansas

Legal Insurrection: Still too close to call OH-12 race?

American Mirror: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's bad night

Twtichy: Alyssa Milano 'Russian' to judgment over OH-12

NYT: Democrat Lamb beats Republican Saccone in PA-18 Special Elect.

TOM: In The Mailbox 08.07.18: Mark Steyn: Letting Out Your Inner Leftist

AoSHQ: Morning Report 8/8/18 and 8/9/19 The Dems Duck Peking Traitor Charge!

EBL: Hey, Midterms Matter: Don't Sit Back, Do Something

Instapundit: Don't believe the hype (but assume it will be tough), just get involved and fightWow, look how many voters are over 115 years old in Ohio 12th district (do they all each Dannon yogurt?), But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game?

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