Sunday, August 5, 2018

How Jim Acosta Sees Himself...

In his own narcissistic vision, Jim Acosta really does consider himself heroic for acting like a jackass during White House press coverage for CNN.

An Ernie Pyle, Jim Acosta is most definitely, NOT.

Don Surber: Newseum caves to FakeNews protests

Legal Insurrection: Man arrested for allegedly threatening Rep. Scalise

Hot Air: The first amendment allows us to make Jim Acosta cry (with words)

Powerline: The situational doggedness of Jim AcostaAre The Press The Enemy Of The People?

Instapundit: The Bravest of the Brave (what risks that Jim Acosta faces), Dogs Don't Like ItIt's nice to make Twitchy and cave!

TOM: Yes Twitter Is BiasedThe Communist Conspiracy was real and continuingThe Left's Pyrrhic Victory, when did everyone become Alt-Right?

AoSHQ: Blue check hissy fit and CNN fantasy on how Jim Acosta was in danger at Trump rally (only of soiling himself because he is a big baby)

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