Monday, July 23, 2018

So what "severe mental health problems" did the Toronto shooter have?

It is a mystery what might have motivated this attack. Of course, with strict handgun control, this person with alleged "severe mental health problems" managed to secure a handgun.

Update:  AoSHQ: Turns out Faisal Hussain was all into ISIS sites and web pages and was claimed by ISIS as a 'Soldier of Allah.'

TOM: Crazy People Are Dangerous

Mark Steyn: The Amalgamated Union Of Known Wolves
J.J. Sefton: AoSHQ Morning Report: What was the motivation?

Legal Insurrection: Toronto Authorities not ruling out terrorism as motive

AoSHQ: Meanwhile two ISIS monsters are turned over by British authorities to Americans with hopes they might be executed

Instapundit: Toronto experiences the joys of diversity, Did the gun make him 'mental'?Meet the Spin DoctorToronto shooters identified as Faisal Hussain, who is alleged to have mental health problems.

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