Thursday, July 5, 2018

Scott Pruitt We Hardly Knew You...


Pruitt was an idiot over most of his scandals (which were self inflicted errors). I liked what he was doing at the EPA and I know many of the accusations were over blown by the Democrats and hostile media, but a lot of this was avoidable. I wish he could have accomplished more, but he was his own worst enemy. I am hopeful they find a better replacement. 

Hot Air: Bannon says opposition party got a scalp. That's true, but Pruitt made it easy.  

Hot Air: Finally, Pruitt out at EPA  I have to concur with Allah on this one, while I like what Pruitt was doing at the EPA in rolling back bad regulations, the guy totally screwed up his record over a bunch of stupid stuff. Self destructive nonsense.

Instapundit: Oceania has always been at war with Andrew Wheeler (be careful what you wish for lefties), New Rules for Social Justice Warriors and Pruitt Out at EPA

TOM: In The Mailbox 07.05.18: Legal Insurrection: Pruitt Resigned

Powerline: Pruitt Blew It and Breaking: Pruitt Out At EPA

Daily Caller: Why Scott Pruitt Resigned

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