Wednesday, July 18, 2018

National Hot Dog Day

A Queen in Queens (1939 World's Fair)

The best is Rutt's Hutt 'Ripper.' If you disagree you are wrong. 

This is absolutely disgusting, not the human DNA being in hot dogs, but ketchup on it!  

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Don Surber: Bunched Again

Hogewash: The Other Podcast

Woodsterman: Enjoy Your Funday

The O.K. Corral: President Awesome

Patriot Retort: The British Resistance?

Lem's Place: Making Lager Great Again

Goodstuff Cyber Blog: 98th Edition Good

Small Dead Animals: Oh, Shiny Awakener

The Right Way: Rule 5 Link-A-Round and Friday

Blazing Cat Fur: Not Resolved and Kokanee Grope

Not So Angry Mike : Happy 4-th Everyone ! Humpday Edition

Political Clown Parade: Meanwhile in France and Flowing Curves of Beauty

Proof Positive: Best of the WebJoan BennettTessa VirtueLt. Harvey C. Barnum, Jr.Sgt.1st Class Gary Lee LitteralSgt. Peter C. LemonMajor Howard V. LeeMaster Chief Petty Officer Britt SlabinskyLt. Cmdr. Thomas G. KelleyS.Sgt Don JenkinsCapt. Jack H. JacobsMedal of Honor

EBL: Batille DayCroatia v EnglandCroatia v RussiaSweden vs. EnglandBrazil Eliminated by BelgiumTamra Maiochi, RIPNational Bikini DayGropey TrudeauJennifer 'Mad Dog' RubinBogarting Alexandra Ocasio CortezThe Clintons and FIFA CorruptionWorld Cup 2014 Rule 5The Annoying American Soccer FanArgentina World Cup

TOM: Worst Mom EverSex offender man goes transsexual and then rapes a 15 year old girl (if you want to be a woman, you have to give up your hot dog), Trump's Summer Summit BummerLoony Troons: TERFs vs. TroonsIn The Mailbox: 07.13.18On The Internet: No one knows you are Russian intelligenceIn The Mailbox 07.12.18Deep State MuellerGateCrowder Confronts Transgender Antifa Radical,Queer Feminist UpdateIn The Mailbox 07.11.18Democrats use Kavanaugh nomination for fundraising

A collection of sites  known for appreciation of Rule 5 and hot dogs:

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