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Monday, July 23, 2018

Jessica Davies

The Right Way has a gif of Jessica Davies, so it only makes sense to have a post on her...

Rule 5 and FMJRA

AoSHQ: Girl Cleaning!

Don Surber: Nixon on China

Hogewash: Democracy Derpness

J.J. Sefton: FISA & Farsis & Fiasco

Woodsterman: Enjoy the Irony Of It

Goodstuff Cyber Blog: 132nd Edition

The O.K. Corral: OK Sunday Services

Patriot Retort: Drunk Mumu Lady Speaks

Political Clown Parade: Opening gates of hell and Flowing Curves of Beauty

Diogenes Middle Finger News: People who desperately need help and Fishnet Friday

A View from the Beach: A Whale of a FishRejoicing In RussiaGate, and Rule 5 Saturday

The Feral Irishman: Mutual Of Irish's Wild Kingdom, treed and Another reason to eat bacon

90 Miles From Tyranny: Girls with gunsGirls with gunsGirls with gunsBlogs With Rule 5 Links

The Daley Gator: Sunday BabesMonday BabesWednesday BabeThursday BabesFriday BabesSaturday Babes

American Power: Kate Upton and Alexis Ren in ArubaNina Agdal BikiniAmanda SeyfriedAriel WinterEmily Ratajkowski BikiniNice Cap! Hailey Clauson

Mark Steyn: Live in Truth: George Jonas Freedom AwardLes Parapluies de CherbourgThe Return of FauxcahontasKatz & CRTV vs Steyn and A note to his readers

Rush Limbaugh: Clapper Admits The TruthHumorless Infobabes of CNNKavanaugh is impecable, but the left will go to the mattresses and Sports Bigs stick neck out for Kavanaugh

Pirates Cove: Sorta Blogless Sunday PinupSorta Blogless Sunday PinupIf all you see...If all you see...If all you see...If all you see...If all you see...If all you see...If all you see...

Proof Positive: Best of the WebFriday Night Babe - Perdita Weeks and Vintage Babe of the weekLt. Harvey C. Barnum, Jr.Sgt.1st Class Gary Lee LitteralSgt. Peter C. LemonMajor Howard V. LeeMaster Chief Petty Officer Britt SlabinskyLt. Cmdr. Thomas G. KelleyS.Sgt Don JenkinsCapt. Jack H. JacobsMedal of Honor

EBL: Karen MacDougalBatille DayCroatia v EnglandCroatia v RussiaSweden vs. EnglandBrazil Eliminated by BelgiumTamra Maiochi, RIPNational Bikini DayGropey TrudeauJennifer 'Mad Dog' RubinBogarting Alexandra Ocasio CortezThe Clintons and FIFA CorruptionWorld Cup 2014 Rule 5The Annoying American Soccer FanArgentina World Cup

TOM: Death by 'Gender', Crazy People Are DangerousBad luck or bad judgment?Fat PositiveJohn Hawkins and Self Inflicted WoundsRadical Feminist Exposes #TransCultOffending the easily offendedFour Illegal Aliens Kidnap and Rape 13 and 14 Year Old Girls,  NYDN: Get Woke, Go Broke, "I'm Literally a Communist,"  Equality and the loss of decencySWJ are killing comedyThe Carter Page FISA docs, the Steele Dossier, The WitchhuntDisney Drops 'Guardian of the Galaxy' Director over TweetsThe New TotalitariansNo Christians Allowed: Catholic Priest fired from Catholic School for being Catholic

A collection of sites  known for appreciation of Rule 5 and celtic beauties:

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