Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Boycott Academy Sports + Outdoors

Dean Crouch and family: They may loose home over his firing from Academy Sports + Outdoors

Academy needs to reconsider its policies. Firing Dean Crouch under these circumstances is a big mistake. I hope he scores a new and better job. I hope someone in a position to do so can hire him. But we can act by not shopping at Academy Sports + Outdoors.

AoSHQ: The Saturday ONT agrees that Dean Crouch deserves a bonus, not firing!


  1. Well if yer' gonna' bitch about Academy, ya' may as well include every-other-box-store and about every other business!! except for some mom and pop gun store!! SOP.... don't touch the customer if he is robbing you!!! SOP!!! Let the bitch go!! "Let the "COPS" "TOUCH HIM!!" AND THEY WILL!!!! When I was "On the Door" one night.. A guy tried to rush the door with a "Computer system!!" (Over $500...a Felony!!) I stopped him and said,"Sir, I need to see your receipt!!" He said,"I just came from Customer svc.!" I said,"Well let's just go back there and find out!!" He jumped the gun on me and hit the concrete running!! I yelled at a couple of buggy pushers but the dude had someone waiting, threw the 'puter in and took off!!... Gone!! On my way back to the door, the Police roll up, (For a "different" call) I told the Cop dude,"Where were you 2 minutes ago, I had this dude haul off with a stolen computer!!" Cop said,"What he look like??" I described him and the cop pulled out his smart phone and showed me a mug of this guy and said,"He look like this??" "How'd you get that photo??" I said.... Cop said," I saw him haullin' ass with that 'puter to that getaway car and "RECOGNIZED HIM FROM ARRESTING HIM THE OTHER DAY!!!" (Cop was our "witness!!) We went in, we scanned the "Tapes" (Yes those bulbous things hanging down are "REAL" Cameras and have facial recognition capabilities!!) The Cop went to the dudes residence and "Arrested him!!!" 'Didn't have to lay a finger on the perp!!!
    PS!!!!!!, If'n ya' have enough "Beer and Whiskey" I got more stories!!!!!!!!

    1. PS, 'Sorry for Dean and Fly., Hope the "ISSUE" gets resolved for the better!! On another note: I like that "Gun Store vid" where a couple of Perp's try an AR and the man behind the counter, "Counter's them" ala "Doc Holiday" and 86'es "BOTH!!!!!" It's like going to an Air Show and the Air Force has one of their "HOT PLANES" on display with armed guards in spit shined boots, M-16's and signs sayin'"DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
      Got Gunz......OUTLAW!!!!,
      Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!!,

    2. Academy didn't have to fire this guy.


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