Tuesday, July 17, 2018

After The Fire: Der Kommissar

Yes this is German-ish (done by a 2 hit wonder British band) but it has an East German cold war vibe

With everyone on the left freaking out about Trump's meeting with Putin, chill and listen to this...

Ben Shapiro is no Trump fan, but you judge Trump by what he does, not what he says.

John Nolte: Helsinki is one of Trump's finest moments

Lem's Place: Hannity interviews Trump following Putin meeting

NRO/McCarthy: Mueller and Rosenstein help Putin with this nonsense

Powerline: Trump Playing the Useful Idiot and for Trump: Politics is Personal

J.J. Sefton: Delusion Clowns Are Gonna Delude and Who Controls The Weather?

Instapundit: Opposite DayRoger SimonThe Putin Summit May Prove To Be Trump's Finest Hour

Legal Insurrection: Neo-Neocon explains how NOT to respond to a 'gotcha question'   Trump should pay attention to this. 

Hot Air: Emily Singer: The GOP and Trump WH love your unhinged tweets and The Mooch and Newt tell Trump to Reverse Course 

TOM: Trump's Summer Summit BummerThe Butler Did It: 'Gender Trouble' and the Academic Roots of the #Transcult (or why Trump won)

Rush Limbaugh: Why the haters can't judge Trump on his actionsObama ordered stand down in 2016 over Russian hacking, Conrad Black's brilliant take on HelsinkiWhat's really behind the hysteriaWhy Trump did not acknowledge Russian meddlingThe Establishment don't realize they are driving voters to TrumpTrump Putin Press Conference: Comedy Gold as American Journalists Beclown Themselves

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