Tuesday, July 24, 2018

9th Circuit: Hawaiians Have A Constitutional Right To Open Carry Firearms?

King Kamehameha Open Carry (ok, the pre-European Hawaiians did not have firearms)

King Kamehameha and his muskets and cannon

It is the right decision by the two judges in the majority. With all the shenanigans engaged in by a handful of federal judges in Hawaii, there is a degree of schadenfreude in seeing the Ninth Circuit come up with a decision like this against the State of Hawaii. Definitely read the links by Glenn Reynolds and Ace.   

RedState/streiff: Boom!

Rabid Republican: It's a miracle!

Instapundit: This is potentially big
“The panel stated that restricting open carry to those whose job entails protecting life or property necessarily restricts open carry to a small and insulated subset of law-abiding citizens. The panel reasoned that the typical, law-abiding citizen in the State of Hawaii was entirely foreclosed from exercising the core Second Amendment right to bear arms for self-defense. The panel concluded that Hawaii’s limitation on the open carry of firearms to those “engaged in the protection of life and property” violated the core of the Second Amendment and was void under any level of scrutiny.”
AoSHQ: Ninth Circuit Appeals Court: If Hawaii Restricts Citizens' Ability to Carry Concealed, Then There Must Be An Absolute Right to OpenCarry

TOM: Late Night With In The Mailbox 07.24.18: Volokh Conspiracy: 9th Circuit Declares Second Amendment Secures Right To Open Carry In Public, Power Line: Our Under-Incarceration Problem, Atlanta Edition, also, The Damond Case Against Minneapolis

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    This ruling is a big step in the correct direction.


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