Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Democrat Senator Chuck 'Fagin' Schumer reveals his love of little illegal immigrant children...

Schumer and the Democrats are hypocrites and liars. The Democrats rejected a legislative fix proposed by the GOP to fix this issue. Schumer and the Democrats do not actually care about children: This is how Obama Administration treated migrant children. All they really care about is stirring up trouble, trying to change the narrative to how Trump and Republicans hate children, and using the issue politically to their advantage. Schumer and the Democrats are craven hypocrites and liars.

Don Surber: Proof that Hillary, Laura, and Michelle Lie

90 Miles From Tyranny: Trump Tears into the 'Children in Cages' Hoax

Mark Steyn: Bangs, Borders, Blarney, & Brino, also, A Note To My Readers

AoSHQ/J.J. Sefton: The Best Way To Get A Bad Law Repealed Is To Enforce It...

Twitchy: Chuck Schumer says legislation not the way to go, then co-sponsors legislation 

Instapundit: Republicans propose fix, Democrats reject it and Chuck Schumer and Dems Exposed

EBL: #KeepFamiliesTogether: What about the victims of illegal aliens? and Lies, Damned Lies, and Democrat/NeverTrumpers over Illegal Alien Crossings

TOM: Democrats and Media are Lying: Behind the Phony 'Family Separation' PropagandaIn The Mailbox 06.19.18: Mark Steyn: The Sentimentalization Of Public Policy and Legal Insurrection: Trump Says “We Must Always Arrest People Coming Into Our Country Illegally” and Fat, Gay, and Stupid (probably a Democrat)

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  1. Trump seems to have a real talent for getting these people to reveal their true selves.


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