Friday, June 8, 2018

Anthony Bourdain, RIP

This is just incredibly depressing (and a waste). I very much liked his work. Damn.  

Update: Feral Irishman: Was it suicide? (maybe Arkancide)

Shots of Hennessy and bone marrow

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          Political Orphans: Remembering Tony Bourdain

Twitchy: How Barack Obama remembers you if you die...


  1. I didn't like him, and I'm just not surprised. I don't have a hatred of him, but what I saw of him repelled me in the same way I avoid other self-destructive people. He exuded that to me in everything I saw or read about him. So I didn't watch him, and I watch a lot of TV chef personalities. That he took his own life only seemed inevitable to me.

  2. Heavy drug habit, so that played some part.

    Married twice, but driven to be... what?

  3. Plus wasn't he cucked by his gf?
    And who gives a shit what obama or his husband thinks?


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