Saturday, May 12, 2018

The next Republican president will "literally be Hitler" too


  1. One day that may be true.

    Be careful of that for which you wish...

    1. Yeah, but except there will be a (D) or (I) after that person's name.

    2. Don't count on it. We have another House Divided and, like the last time, one will be absorbed by the other.

      What few people know is that most of the Radical Republicans wanted to execute all the high-ranking Confederate officers and government officials for treason. The only thing that stopped it was the pull of the bonds of West Point (Jeff Davis and many of his subordinates had been plebes once). Officers from Grant on down said, "You will do it over our outstretched carcasses", and that was it.

      West Point was all that stopped us from becoming a banana republic.


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