Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nancy Pelosi promises if Democrats win back the House in midterms, she will raise your taxes!

This does not seem like a winning strategy for Democrats, but Nancy Knows Best!  She said Democrats will reverse the tax cuts if they get into the majority again. Go ahead Nancy, go start measuring the curtains. 

That said, don't be cocky!  Big Democrat donors have a secret alliance to steal House from Republicans. Make sure you help defeat Nancy's speaker dreams.  

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  1. Ronald Reagan and I will both raise your taxes. He won't tell you; I just did.

    Walter Mondale 1984

  2. The proper level of taxation is that necessary to balance the budget when the economy is operating at mean capacity.

    The problem with the political parties is that neither has a well articulated set of criteria which differentiate federal functions from other activities or which would indicate the appropriate scale of federal functions. For the Democrats, a 'federal function' is 'whatever their clientele is clamoring for' and the appropriate scale is 'MOAR'.


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