Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Michael Avenatti's Law Firm Whacked With $10 Million Judgment

The personal attacks from his wife and former partners were in the works long before he started representing Stormy Daniels

Twitchy: Womp, Womp!

Instapundit: Daily Caller: This Is CNN!
TOM: The Object of Power is Power and In The Mailbox 05.22.18: Mark Steyn: Hats Off To Hillary

Powerline: More evidence of deep state collaboration with CNN over Steele dossier

Legal Insurrection: Emails suggest FBI "triggered" CNN and Steele Dossier

Instapundit: OuchWho's Your Messiah Now? 

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  1. As Murphy's 8th Law of Combat xclearly states, Don’t look conspicuous, it draws fire.


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