Monday, May 14, 2018

Jeff Bezos vs. Kshama "I Wanna, I Wanna" Sawant

Kshama "I Wanna, I Wanna" Sawant, Seattle Socialist City Council Member

This is interesting to watch play out. Seattle real estate prices and economy are booming, in large part to companies like Amazon.  But that is putting a squeeze on affordable housing. The homeless crisis in Seattle (and up and down the West Coast) is way more complex than that, but the question is will the Seattle City Council kill the golden goose over this proposed business head tax (or at least drive it outside the city limits to nearby suburbs).

Seattle could promote, through zoning changes, more affordable housing in the city.  But it won't.

I predict Amazon will accelerate its search for a second headquarters. I am going to guess Atlanta or somewhere nearby in Georgia (although Amazon has its own sacred cows).

And beyond being from India, doesn't Sawant remind you of Ma Anand Sheela?

Update: Seattle City Counsel passes a compromise (smaller) head tax

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