Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hamas Is Responsible For Deaths In Gaza

Don't believe most of the media, Hamas is primarily responsible for the deaths recently along the border with Gaza and Israel over the past week or so (yesterday was just especially bad in protest to the American Embassy in Jerusalem). Hamas is paying young men to go there and be 'martyrs' for the cause. They know that Israel is not going to let violent protesters cross its borders (nor should Israel do so). Hamas is a terrorist death loving organization, not a legitimate government, it stays in power through conflict with Israel (and threatening and killing its own people if they disagree).  

The lefty media is like the gasoline in those Molotov cocktails the protestors are throwing. The negative media coverage of Israel fuels Hamas to send more 'martyrs' to the border. It is an ugly cycle.

Jeff Jacoby: The Real Catastrophe (or "Nakba") that the Palestinians are Facing 

Legal Insurrection: Media blames Israel for Gaza

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