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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Evan McMullin: Why Was This Ever Even A Thing?

Bad Egg

Of course, Evan McMullin was not ever much of a thing. He had no chance winning, just a small risk of acting as a spoiler (and that turned out to be nothing). What is pathetic is watching someone enthralled with his own mediocrity. After his campaign, why didn't McMullin focus on paying off his debts his failed campaign incurred? Heck, if he has legitimate criticism of Trump, make it, but he is about as objective now as Jen Rubin or Bill Kristol. Does he have any shame or self awareness?

McMullin is a single Mormon guy in his forties. McMullin should go find a nice girl and start a family.

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  1. Because CIA and the Bush family.

  2. Finding a nice girl is one thing. Finding a nice girl with any interest in such a loser is a whole different thing. Throw in being a smug asshole, and I don't see nice women taking up with him.
    I hear Halsey is bad at love and needs toiletry.


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