Saturday, May 19, 2018

Chuck Schumer, Democrats, and their MS-13 Allies


  1. Savages.

    What you read about what the Iroquois and the Apaches did to people is what they do.

    And how Thomas Nast depicted the Demos 140 years ago still holds true.

    1. At least the Iroquois and Apache mostly reserved the torture stuff to warriors (and expected the same would be inflicted on them if captured). If you lasted through it without crying out, it was a great honor to the person tortured (small benefit, but at least you had that). Children and women were kept as captives and slaves. Old people, injured, or children too small to travel were killed immediately.

      What MS-13 does is torture children and women. It is done to terrorize or for their blood cult. It is much worse. It is the stuff of evil.


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