Monday, May 21, 2018

Beyond The Pope Saying It Is Ok To Be Gay, What Is The Impact Of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

Born that Way? or Made?  

DRUDGE REPORT ran today with the news about Pope Francis's comments. The Independent (of course) points out the Catholic Church is still bad.

Sexual abuse of children is a horrible crime--the psychological harm of it is profound regardless of orientation of the victim. The Catholic Church takes the bulk of the media's criticism even though secular groups (such as public schools) and religious denominations of all types have sexual abuse issues of their own.  And in Finland, the court says an adult  Muslim man forcing himself on a 10 year old is not rape (what could go wrong with that). Of course, I doubt the Independent said much about that.

In this conversation with abuse survivor Juan Carlos Cruz, Pope Francis just assumed Mr. Cruz was born homosexual (although to be fair Mr. Cruz apparently thinks that too--and I would not expect the Pope to challenge him on it).

What if the abuse suffered as a child results in sexual disorientation for the survivor?  Survivors of sexual abuse tend to identify higher as homosexual. Are homosexual children targeted more by male sexual predators, or are children identifying as homosexual at a higher percentage as a result of the abuse? 

Hot Air: Did Pope Francis make a major shift on Catholic Church policy?  No. 


  1. First, it doesn't appear Frank was speaking ex cathedra, so it doesn't matter much.

    Second, the only people who seem to care what Frank says are the media and cafeteria Catholics

    Third, the doctrine as JPII put it was, God cares less about the condition (still not normal) than doing it; IOW what you do is the sin, thinking about it won't send you to Hell

    Fourth, Frank is probably way over the line saying anybody is made that way. The big thing in the Catholic Church is intellect and free will. You have the intellect to know what's wrong, particularly through the Gospel. What you do is your free will. If you know it's wrong and you do it anyway, it's all on you.

    1. I agree with the points you make. I personally do not care what two consenting adults do in private--you work out your own thing with God. But the damage that child molesters do (that is beyond a gay thing because there are all types of child molesters) is horrible. Luke 17:2 and Matthew 18:6.

    2. Agree Ed. The biggest damage isn't about being gay or not, but that he removed human agency all together. That will have a negative impact beyond homosexuality and pedophilia.


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