Monday, April 9, 2018

Stormy Mueller Monday

I do not know what to make of this yet. But I concur with Ace this will end one way or the other soon.

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  1. Desperation time.

    Zippy's weaponized DOJ went along with this because it's Chicago Politics 101. Mueller has zip, has had nothing but zip, will continue to get zip, but needs a perp walk.

    This ain't it, but makes him look truly stupid to the average Joe 6 pack.

    1. I want to see some perp walks, by the prosecution and their FBI cronies.

    2. Don't kid yourself ed, this is a coup and its dangerous. It is political and the GOPe is in on it.

  2. I've read enough from people who understand this stuff that Mueller at US attorney's office SDNY can go after Cohen as fair game, no attorney/client privilege. This is because Cohen said he acted without Trump's knowledge and Trump said he didn't know; so both the attorney and the supposed client claim there was no representation. Ok.

    But then what is the crime? And also, hasn't Cohen represented Trump in other stuff? Yes he has. One can claim campaign finance violation, but if the campaign never knew it received a donation, because the person making the donation never notified them or gave it to the campaign; where's the violation? If that's not the crime, then what is the connection to Russian collusion that also isn't a violation of attorney/client privilege, which is derived from the 5th Amendment.

    Ed's right, this won't go over with Trump voters at all. And while I don't expect the cucks to see the light on this; the average American will see that no longer is it just the 1st and 2nd Amendment being assailed, but we can now add the 5th Amendment. The establishment may not want to note this, but a few people who want to get a seat in government are going to run on this point; and they will win elections.


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