Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Starbucks™ to Open 8000+ Homeless Day Centers Across USA

Anyone can use a Starbucks. No need to buy anything to hang out or use the rest room. 

Enjoy that over-burnt coffee with the homeless!

I get that the two black guys who went into that Philly Starbucks™ were not homeless, just waiting for a friend without buying anything. When asked to leave they refused and were arrested for trespassing (which they were). Ultimately they were not charged, but I am sure a lawsuit is coming against the City and Starbucks™. Starbucks™ coffee sucks, but if I need to use the restroom or hang out in a Starbucks I at least buy something. That is how it should work, because even Starbucks needs to pay the rent and it is a business.

But if social justice trumps capitalism, then heck, the homeless need a place to go. I encourage them all to hang out in Starbucks™!

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Demand your free coffee, it is all about the reparations!

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