Thursday, April 19, 2018

Puppy Kisses?

Young male timber wolf giving wildlife worker kisses from r/aww

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Proof Positive : Eva LaRue

Hogewash: Quote Of The Day

Woodsterman: Loves The Beach

A View From The Beach: Election

Animal Magnetism: Gingermageddon

Goodstuffs Cyber World: 214th Edition

Pirate's Cover: Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

American Power Blog: Olivia Jordan 2018 Debut

Feral Irishman: Harper Valley PTA and Giddy Up

Political Clown Parade : Flowing Curves Of Beauty

Lem's Place: Fresno State's Randa Jarrar and Devil law

Rabid Republican Blog: You don't know about Einhorn?

Dispatches from the Camp of the Saints: Coup and the Gang

90 Miles from Tyranny: Girls with Guns and Pardon Scooter

The Right Way: R Lee Ermey Has Died and Rule 5 Link-O-Rama

Powerline: Is there any basis for consensus in American public life?

Diogenes' Middle Finger: Good Monday Morning and Fishnet Friday

AoSHQ: 75th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Catty French

Instapundit: Stormy Daniels Make America Horny AgainCatty, and Jim Comey's #MeToo

Mark Steyn: ChappaquiddickLong Night Of The KnivesThe Real Obstruction of Justice, and Typhoid and Tambourines

Tri City Herard: A Syrian Muslim refugee man in eastern Washington State stabs wife 23 times in front of their children (she must have done something to warrant that)

TOM: Tumblrina SJW Trauma DramaWords mean things, Part IITax Exempt Terrorism Soros Style3000 anti American Google employeesFrankenstein's ChildrenDear @MeghanEMurphyCalifornication, ContinuedCrazy People Are Dangerous and The Not So Secrets of Success

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5 and attractive wild life managers:

Dust bury
Theo Spark
Daily Gator
Daily Caller
Pirate's Cove
Proof Positive
The Right Way
MissK's World...
American Power
Guns and Bikinis
Raconteur Report
Angrymikes hood
The Last Tradition
Adrienne's Corner
The Feral Irishman
Camp of the Saints
Animal Magnatism
Maggie's Notebook
The Classic Liberal
The Rio Norte Line
Randy's Roundtable
A Nod To The Gods
Grouchy Old Cripple
Political Clown Parade
24 Femmes Per Second
The Vulgar Curmudgeon
A View From The Beach
Diogenes' Middle Finger
Your Crazy Uncle Bubba
Old Retired Petty Officer
Ninety Miles From Tyranny
Knuckledraggin My Life Away
In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

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