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Friday, April 13, 2018

Phantom Thread: A Review

I finally saw Phantom Thread. I am only glad I did not see this in the theater. It was slow. Visually it is interesting (up to a point) and the acting is excellent, but the story is...tedious. I get it is about the psychological tension between the main characters (which is an acting and directing challenge), but I am a bit surprised Daniel Day Lewis chose this film to retire on.  Maybe it is because of Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis's work on There Will Be Blood (which I liked).  

I do not want to be too hard on the film. The production is spot on in capturing the British post war period. The acting really is excellent. Anderson does set up the shots well. I just was not that into where the story was going. Meh. 

There are reviews below. They obviously have spoilers.  

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