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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Molly Ringwald's Sad #MeToo Moment

Molly Ringwald owes her acting career to John Hughes. For her to criticize this particular scene now, especially given it involved a body double, is just sad. And by sad, I mean in the pathetic and lame sense of the word. Molly and her parents presumably read the script before signing on to this film. Had she said no, no one could have forced her to do it (and her involvement was only limited since they used a body double). 

There is a lot of real sexual exploitation and harassment in Hollywood and the Media (look at creepy Charlie Rose), but complaints like Molly's are so trivial as to diminish the serious claims. Interesting how some people so want to be victims.  

Oh crap, John Hughes had Molly smoke! Oh wait, she used to live in Paris. Everyone smokes there.

Molly getting praise for her New Yorker comments?  Why?  Ringwald's comments marginalize women and do attack Hughes (who can't defend himself).

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  1. For what did they need a body double?

    Kinda disconcerting to realize that if you look at the parents of high school students, they have a median age of about 46 - i.e. a shade too young to have been in high school when the film was released. Not sure where those years went.


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