Monday, March 12, 2018

Bat Control


  1. How about some moonbat control?

  2. There is so much happening in the video. The obvious is the kid with the bat and the other poor kid getting hit. The Dad sees it coming and is moving to stop the inevitable by the time the video starts. He sees it, but can't move fast enough. In the time the Dad covers the ground, the batter has swung, hit the kid controlling the height of the piñata, realized the pain inflicted and is LHAO.

    This is less about bat control than where to stand when controlling the height, but there is still more to note. While the dad has moved to consoling the injured, you have short fat boy stepping in front of the dad and pushing him aside, because his only focus is getting the candy before anyone else. He didn't get fat from being slow or caring about others. But then you notice the height controller has his own bag to fill, which probably explains why he positioned himself too close to the action. He was thinking of the reward for being upfront, and not the risk of a swinging bat. And I had to watch a couple of times, because that kid lucked out. The batter drops his shoulder initially, lowering the bat, but fortunately lifting on the follow through. It could have been a lot more painful. And more hilarious as you watch the broken plastic eggs falling below the piñata and bat. That would have been metaphorical.

    All the small kids aren't moving. I think it is a combination of being younger and lacking experience and the fear or being trampled. Bu they are all watching the candy, not the victim. One mom is already clapping for the success of the piñata strike, but another mom already seems to opening her gapping mouth in shock for the victim.


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