Saturday, February 10, 2018

Kristen Hyman fired as a New Jersey sheriff deputy for past fetish film work...

Wait, is that your typical fiscal conservative being treated by the GOPe?

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  1. If she works for ANY police department and so much as ruffles a hair on any ones head. It would be an automatic law suit that the PD would lose. She would be charged with state and federal civil rights violations and again, she WOULD be convicted. She is a sadist and dominatrix. No department in there right mind will ever give her a badge. She would void any arrest where she was involved, just by showing up. Automatic civil rights action, and with her history she would be screwed.---Ray

    1. True defense counsel would use it to their clients' advantage. I am not sure she is a sadist (being a dominatrix goes along with that but does not necessarily prove it) but there is enough to make her professional life tough. She would fit in well over at the FBI though, depending which way she leans politically.


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