Thursday, January 25, 2018

President Trump, a bit of advice...

Legal Insurrection: Take This Advice...

Powerline: Follow the advice of your lawyers, don't do it

TOM: Disarray and Denial

AoSHQ/J.J. Sefton: Mull This

American Spectator: Fire Rosenstein


  1. But, now Obama, Hillary, Comey and the rest will have to testify under oath... Think about that!

    They're probably shitting brick at that thought.

  2. If Trump testifies under oath, it will not be for the linear or even two-dimensional reasons conventional critics think. One thing we've learned over the past year, is that Trump does not speak but acts. As a negotiator, he holds a tight hand close, bluffs from strength, and smokes out his opponents before springing subtle but effective traps.

    The immediate cloud on this horizon is not Mueller but Melanie, who did not accompany Trump to Davos due to a serious domestic issue.

  3. Melanie visited the Holocaust Museum.


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