Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Is Jack Engelhard Wrong?

Are Trump or Engelhard wrong?

Rush Limbaugh: Pathetic Dems and Dems don't want a DACA Deal

90 Miles from Tyranny: We should import more of this?

City Journal: The truth behind the Trump Storm

Instapundit: Democrats abusing GOP women

American Thinker: Peace Corps Trained

American Power: Is diversity strength?

TOM: The Tyranny of Bright Normal

Pirate's Cove: Even Canada gets it

NRO: President Nobama

Wombat: Da Tech Guy: European Angst Over Immigration, Legal Insurrection: We Wish We’d Gone To Samantha Power’s 2016 Election Watch Party, also, Democrats Say Trump Must Surrender On DACA To Prove He’s Not Prejudiced or Bigoted, Power Line: Kirstjen Nielsen Faces The Democrats, also, “Dreamers” More Likely To Commit Violent Crimes

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