Saturday, January 6, 2018

Heiress Jacqueline Kent Cooke charged with handbag assault and possibly over anti-Semitic comments

Jacqueline Kent Cooke, Washington Redskins and LA Lakers and Kings Heiress, is accused of anti-Semitic remarks, followed with a hand bag assault. It occurred when they were leaving the Caravaggio restaurant. The handbag was supposedly made of glass. She is also facing possible hate crime charges. Cooke denies the anti-Semitic remarks.

I am not a fan of "hate crimes." If you smack someone in the head, it is hateful whether it is motivated over religion or race or over robbery. Convict them of the assault and battery. If anything, motivation should be a factor in sentencing once you are convicted, not a separate crime.  

But if these allegations are true (obviously there was an altercation as shown below), Jacqueline Kent Cooke has some anger management issues (I was also thinking of a word that rhymes with itch).

The alleged weapon (that will leave a mark)

I am also going to guess alcohol is a factor here (she had a DUI in the past)

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