Sunday, January 14, 2018

Chelsea Manning for U.S. Senate?

Aren't Doc Martens with red laces a racist thing?

Maybe Chelsea is just communist?

While I doubt Chelsea Manning will prevail in a U.S. Senate election (even in Maryland), and election map for the Senate is favorable to Republicans in 2018, the margin is narrow and the Democrats could possibly win back the Senate. There is also the possibility in the House we could be seeing this horror again in 2019:  

While maybe not quite a dire as some are make it, this scene above is a definite possibility..,

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  1. Talk about needing eye bleach.

    And then there's Pelosi Galore...

    I agree that the Demos' chances aren't as good as some would make them. This weekend's contretemps f'rinstance will do more for Trump than the bad guys.

  2. I can see Maryland voting for Manning, and that should be a problem for Democrats everywhere else.

    As for a Speaker Pelosi, I'm not buying the predictions. These same people predicted a blowout by Hillary. I'm not seeing a winning Democrat message emerging. And as for the Republican chances, I can't say it any better than Bill Clinton, "It's the economy stupid".


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